Derwent water reflections

Derwent Water sunsetI recall that it had been a long, hot August day with clear skies and bright sunlight, but as the sun set it just caught a few thin, high clouds which reflected in the calm of Derwent water.  What’s more a full moon was rising from behind the distant line of hills and it was also casting a reflection.  Hence this short post is called ‘Derwent water reflections’.

I chose to use the trees to add interest to the sky as I didn’t want too much blue and I liked the spiky detail of the backlit trees.  It was also important to me that the sky stayed brighter than its reflection so it looked natural.  This meant great care was needed to correctly attenuate the sky with ND grads whilst retaining the brightness of the sky, the detail and colour of the thin clouds and not overly darkening the trees.

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