Buttermere again!

Buttermere grassIn 2016 I spent a week in the English Lake District.  It was a strange week of hot weather and clear skies until the last couple of days when it turned very wet indeed.  Flash flooding, road closures and some very soggy people!  On the wettest day I recall giving up on the idea that any photography was possible and deciding to visit an underground mine as I reckoned that underground I’d stay dry!  How wrong I was!  Underground I stayed dry but got soaked on the short walk outside. 🙁

Like some unseen magnetic attraction I find myself drawn to Buttermere.  Due to the fine clear skies the light was very harsh at all times apart from the early morning and late evening. So it was that I found myself part way along the Northern edge of Buttermere just before sunset watching how the last rays of light lit the hills and the lake.  The hills on the Southern side of the lake are really nice but best photographed in the early morning when caught by the rising sun.  As can be seen in the photograph, by late evening they are mostly in shade.  However, the low angle of light beautifully catches the grasses and trees on the Northern lakeside.  

The side of any lake is difficult thing to photograph unless a position can be attained that allows a good angle back to and along the lake side.  I often think a boat would be a really good solution but I’m not convinced about its stability with regard to the relatively long exposure times for landscape photography 😉  But where this photograph was taken the land pushes out into the lake providing a nice vantage point and with the warm, yellow light of the setting sun it made for a nice photograph.  The wooden post which is so obviously man-made nicely contrasts with everything else adding some interest.


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