Buttermere yet again!

Buttermere dawnOK, so perhaps this is getting a little repetitive!  But Buttermere is a wonderfully photogenic location 😉  The tree in this photograph is pretty famous now but I didn’t know that at the time.  Its been a few years since the photograph was taken and, with the benefit on hindsight, I now realise the lake was very full making the tree look as if it was growing quite far out in the lake!

I had opted to camp in Buttermere behind the Bridge Hotel and awoke to a perfectly still, blue sky morning.  A short walk later and arriving at the lake the water was almost a perfect mirror, reflecting a sky in which the only things visible were the contrails of early morning flights.  The overnight mist still clung to the lake adding an ethereal quality.

On seeing the tree I knew it had to be central to the photograph but I could also see that a few minutes later the Sun would breach the distant hills and start to stir the air dispersing the mist and disturbing the mirror calm waters.  As the distant hills and the side of the tree facing me where in shade I quickly decided that the photograph would be a silhouette knowing the blue sky would back-light the branches and the leaves revealing an interesting level of detail to the photograph.

The Buttermere tree. Glorious 🙂 Click To Tweet
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