Porlock Weir

Porlock Weir GroynesThe North coast of Somerset and Devon have some great photographic spots.  Exploring the area a few years ago I found Porlock Weir. It didn’t look that interesting on the map or on arrival but actually its got some lovely spots.  So if you live in the area I recommend a trip.

According to Wikipedia Porlock means place of the port and Porlock Weir is its harbour.  The harbour isn’t obvious at first; its tucked away just behind a vast stoney beach.  It looks weird; surely there should be more separating the harbour from the sea than a stoney beach!  But at the entrance to the harbour is a massive pair of lock gates which keep the sea out or in as necessary.

I’ll post a photograph of the harbour later, but outside the harbour, constraining the movement of the stones on the beach, are some powerful looking wooden groynes.  The day I was there it was pretty cloudy and the light wasn’t that interesting but there was some great detail in the wood and in the clouds.  I like this photograph for the detail and the shape.  I imagine not a groyne but some battlements on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ castle!  Any minutes an army of awk’s will smash against the far side 🙂 

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