Feather Tor, Dartmoor National Park

Feather Tor, Dartmoor

The cloud was forecast to clear about an hour before sunset as a high pressure system rolled-in.  My hope was that it wouldn’t completely clear leaving some nice thin clouds and making for a colourful sunset.  So, after arriving at my accommodation, I sat and considered a plan for the evening.  Should I try Feather Tor, Great Staple Tor or even Great Mis Tor?  They are all open to the West and low-angled evening light.  Was the cloud going to clear sufficiently to make a longer walk-in worthwhile?  Oh, questions and doubts – just what was that cloud going to do…  I decided for the easier walk-in as the cloud didn’t seem to be clearing as quickly as forecast.  Well, that’s Dartmoor!

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Just as the sun was setting the edge started to drift through but in its wake was a mass of thin high cloud diffusing the sunlight.  A short while before the sun set a thinner patch of cloud passed in front of the sun allowing through just enough directional light to add some contrast and cast the rocks and grass of Feather Tor in a soft, golden light.  The photograph above captures that fleeting moment.  Moments later all sunlight was diffuse again and the scene looked very flat and boring.

I’ve forgotten who said that ‘photography is about painting with light’ but they were absolutely right; light does make or break a photograph.  This photograph definitely looks better large; its not a bad photograph; it does have some lovely detail but it doesn’t have that wow factor.  In a different light, well that might be very different!

Was I glad I opted for Feather Tor – definitely 🙂  Did I enjoy a pint of Jail Ale on my return – absolutely 🙂


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