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Feather Tor, Dartmoor National Park

The cloud was forecast to clear about an hour before sunset as a high pressure system rolled-in.  My hope was that it wouldn’t completely clear leaving some nice thin clouds and making for a colourful […]


Saddle Tor (Northern Quarries), Dartmoor National Park

By the last day of my recent trip to Dartmoor, the endless blue skies were starting to get tiresome.  O’ for a few wisps of cloud and some drama!  Spring was definitely announcing its imminent […]


Leedon Tor, Dartmoor

As readers will know from the preceding post I’ve been exploring the Dartmoor National Park again 😉   There is an area to the South and West of Princetown bounded by Leedon Tor, Ingra Tor […]


Hart Tor, Dartmoor National Park

At the end of February a large high pressure system parked itself over the UK for a few days giving some stable, sunny weather.  Hopefully it was the first of many yet to come but […]


New Toys and Some Disappointment

These last couple of weeks have seen some upgrades, the discovery of a disappointing bug with Capture One V11, O’ and a very cold afternoon at Bellever Tor North of Princetown on Dartmoor. My trusty […]


Light Fantastic!

On my first visit to Dartmoor I recall thinking it was boring open moorland with nothing to make a good photograph apart from the odd rocky Tor!  Well, that was quite some time ago and […]


Winter Camera Care

A short while ago we had the first dusting of winter snow over Dartmoor.  The weather forecast had promised a couple of days of cold temperatures with a strong likelihood of snow.   That was […]


Goodbye Adobe Creative Cloud. Hello Phase One

Its December the 21st, the shortest day, and almost Christmas.  Where has this year gone?  Winter is as easy as it gets for wilderness landscape photography; sunrise is at 08:14 and sunset at 16:03 where […]


Rocks near Haytor, Dartmoor

Continuing with the previous thread about panoramic format photographs here is another.  Perhaps not so large, this was only 3 x 50M pixel un-cropped! Looking at this image you could be forgiven for thinking it […]


Moorland photography

Black Tor on Dartmoor lies just South of Princetown on the B3212.  It’s not a large Tor, in fact, it’s a rather small, non-descript Tor easily missed as its set back off the road just […]